Food Safety and the Consumer

NOITE / This Question for Final Exam, please answer three questionsand write 5 pages,1375 words for each, Also don’t make any plagiarism for all it

Describe the process by which risks are perceived and then translated into behavioural decisions when purchasing food for yourself, for children below the age of 11, for the elderly or for visiting friends to the house.
1375 word

Critically distinguish between radical, idealist, opportunist and realist activists. Outline how you would engage with any one of these groups in a food activism context of your choice.
1375 word

From your knowledge of the components of the ‘marketing mix’ and the ‘macro marketing environment’, critically analyse the features of each and briefly suggest how they might, (or might not) be of use to a marketer in persuading consumers to reduce their consumption of sugar.
Briefly discuss whether the concept of market segmentation might be useful in this task