Five Roads to the Future

Book: Five Roads to the Future, by Paul Starobin

1. Summarize the main ideas of the author. You can either do this by going through the book chapter by chapter or you can do it thematically by discussing the major themes in the book. You should do this by making specific references to the author. (Short Citations)
2. After summarizing the book, you must discuss its strengths and weaknesses. You must establish a dialogue with the author and explain why you may agree or disagree with the author.
3. You must write a formal conclusion. Here it is appropriate to discuss how you feel about what you read and why. What you learned and why.

-Minimum of 5 pages
-Size 12 font, Times New Roman
-Double spaced

Possible ways to organize:
-Intro: Address major themes
-Content: go through and discuss each theme (each is a paragraph)
-Content: strengths (paragraph) weaknesses (paragraph)
-Conclusion: How was I affected personally

Lean to the conservative side when writing, as my teacher knows my political views align with the right. However keep in mind that my teacher is a socialist who doesn’t believe in American exceptionalism.