essay psychology on TV/Film

Topic: essay psychology on TV/Film
choosing a topic on the discussion board, you have to complete the reading assigned for the session, so that you can identify a specific concept from the readings that you want to write about on the essay.
Once you have a concept in mind, you should identify a popular culture film or TV showto which you can apply the concept you have in mind. For example, for the topic of anxiety/phobias, a student chose to write about the episode of the show Monk called “Monk defeats claustrophobia.” Her thesis was whether this concept was presented correctly in the show. Another student used the concept of addictions to explain the behavior of one of the characters in South Park who plays a video game called Heroin Hero.
These examples show that you could use the psychological concept of your choice to explain a situation on a film or TV show, or you could use the concept to evaluate whether it is portrayed accurately in the film or show.
16)Topic: political thought
PSCI 2301B First Essay Assignment
This essay will count for 25% of your fall term grade. It must not exceed 5 double-spaced
pages in length (not including the title page). Please ensure that you number the pages of
your essay. Do not put your paper into any sort of binder or folder. Simply staple your
work in the upper left-hand corner. Do not submit loose pages.
Your essay MUST include a title page that lists your name, student number, course
number, Professor�s name, TA�s name, and tutorial group. Your essay is due at the
beginning of lecture on NOVEMBER 7. You must submit a physical copy of your essay.
EMAIL SUBMISSIONS WILL NOT BE ACCEPTED. Late essays will be assessed a
penalty (see below).
Late Penalties:
Essays submitted after the due date will be subject to a penalty of 3% per day (weekends
count as one day). Essays submitted on the due date but after the beginning of lecture will
be considered late and will be assessed a penalty of 1.5%.
Extensions will be granted at the discretion of the professor and only for serious and
documented medical reasons or for other emergency personal circumstances. Requests
for extensions submitted after the due date will not be considered. It is the students�
responsibility to manage their time effectively.
Essay Questions:
Choose ONE of the following essay options. Do not make use of any secondary
literature. You should develop your argument with the support of direct references to the
texts under study.
1) Compare Plato and Aristotle on who should rule.
2) Compare Plato and Aristotle on private property and wealth.
3) Compare Plato and Aristotle on unity and diversity in the city.