essay assignment#2Format:

essay assignment#2Format: Typed Essay on MS Word or PDF, use 12 point font, double spacing, 1 inch
margins. Your answer should be approximately 2-3 pages per question (ANSWER 2), or 4-
6 total pages.
You do not need to cite any specific literature or conduct research; your answer can and should
be based primarily on course materials. If you do have additional information you want to use,
then do make sure to cite as appropriate. Citation style does not matter as long as you are
Instructions: You have three questions below. Answer the first one, and pick one other. Write
each response in 2-3 pages. YOU MUST ANSWER #1. Make sure to use examples to clarify and/or
support your answer.
Questions: You must answer #1
1. The Military Industrial Complex (MIC) has a long and significant history in American
society, as the Film “Why We Fight” documents. Explain what the MIC is, given an
example, and explain how you think it influences American society after the 9/11
Pick one of these to answer as well.
2. Bacevich and others argue that militarization is a strong influence on American society.
Give some examples of this, and explain what the effects of militarization might be on
American society.
3. After the 9/11 attacks, the media and executive branch were both involved in
contributing to the push for invading Iraq. Discuss the role of the executive branch and
the media, and explain why the media was not more critical of the push for war.
Grading: Your grade is based primarily on how thoroughly you have answered the question (90%) and
in part on form (grammar, lucidity, etc) which is 10%.
Remember: All papers are graded equally regardless of English language ability. If you feel you need
additional help with writing, there are excellent resources at the university. Below are some, as well
as a plagiarism guide.