This assignment involves considering an issue/problem/experience related to communication in your own life . It might be a recurring issue/problem or a ‘one-off’ experience. How do you think this issue/problem/experience might be addressed, illuminated or dealt with by one (or more) of the pragmatics concepts which have been considered so far in this unit?( to chapter 6. The assignment will be assessed in relation to the following criteria.
You should:
• identify and describe a relevant issue or topic in a specific context that you are familiar with;
• demonstrate an understanding of the concepts introduced in the readings and study notes that are relevant to your chosen issue;
• apply these concepts to a consideration of your chosen issue and context;
• write clearly and concisely in academic style;
• refer specifically to the relevant readings and study notes to introduce, illustrate and support your own personal reflections;
• provide a reference list citing all and only those references cited in the body of your essay;
• use APA referencing style;
• observe the word limits.
Your grade will be mostly determined by:
• how well the relevant issue is identified and described;
• how well your discussion of the issue is related to the theory.