Development across the Lifespan

Please watch the two videos provided in the links and from the two videos please write a essay from the two videos You do not need to summarize the videos, you have to write the essay that has THREE PARAPHARSES or DIRECT QUOTES (Quotes and paraphrases need to be at least 7 WORDS to count toward the requirement) to support your ideas on something that that made you say “Aha!” and explain how it enlightened you (the instructor wants us to show critical thinking in what you write so no video summary). Or find something from the videos that made you think “Huh?” and explain why it was confusing. PLEASE MAKE SURE . connected to the topic of development across the lifespan. THREE PARAPHARSES or QUOTES to support your ideas. You can find sources for these paraphrases and DIRECT quotes from the video, for example a Ted Talk video. Please Keep in mind: 1) Specific concepts from sources must have a reference to count toward the requirement. 2) To strengthen the content of your paper use ideas from sources that provide insights into the topic, rather than a definition. 3) Quotes and paraphrases need to be at least 7 WORDS to count toward the requirement. 4) Encyclopedias and dictionaries (online or in print) are not in-depth enough for assignments. Simply Psychology,,, and will NOT be counted as a source to meet the requirement. 5) Make sure the quotes and paraphrases are clearly connected to the topic of Thinking, Language and Intelligence. For example if the topic is psychological disorders. Make sure the quote is about psychological disorders. Picking a quote from the source about heart disease would not count toward the requirement. Please use APA (in APA formatting.