1. In the video from Dr. Breeding, he makes an argument for non-biological causes of depression and, hence, non-medical interventions. Do you agree or disagree? How would you summarize this approach to treatment?

2. Click the “Depression Videos” link and view the three videos entitled, a) What is Depression; b) The symptoms of Depression; and c) Treating Depression”, In these videos, it is asserted that depression is, at least, partially caused by chemical imbalances. Do you think they make a compelling argument? What kind of treatment approaches are suggested in these videos?
3. The article, “The Age of Depression”, discusses depression in a somewhat sociological perspective. What are some of society’s contributions to the pathology? Do you agree or disagree?4) Based on your own experience, the videos, the article and the textbook, discuss what you think may be the cause(s) for depression. In your opinion, which approach(es) to therapy seem the most likely to be successful?