Curriculum Based Assessment


Authentic Assessment Curriculum Based Assessment (150 total points)
Students will develop and describe Curriculum Based assessments. These are all student-centered and developed for the individual student in order to link the IEP to daily instruction targeting individual needs. Authentic assessments allow for frequent individual monitoring for progress to determine needs for instruction. Utilizing the collaborative approach to determine assessment needs increases parent, teacher and student participation in the assessment process.

Select primary area of “focus” to assess with the focus student social skills; behavioral concerns– other areas may be addressed as necessary. The assessments are worth 50 points each for a total of 150 points.
Develop and Administer

1) Curriculum Based

The student will submit the assessment developed and results of the selected authentic assessments with a brief (one to two paragraph) analysis of each assessment administered to the “Administered Assessments” module. (50 points each). Assignments that are missing the summary/analysis are subject to loss of points.