Cover Letter Assignment

1. He needs to sign and complete a release form. You have that form in your office, and you will explain it fully when he comes in to sign it. Therefore, he will need to call your office and make an appointment to come in and sign it. The appointment will need to be after the date of the exam mentioned in Item 3.
2. The insurance company also needs him to provide copies of photographs that he took at the scene. You need to have him either email you these photos or download them to a flash drive and bring that flash drive with you when he comes in. He is not to mail these to the insurance company: he is to turn them over to you to send to the insurance company.
3. They also need for him to have a complete physical, performed by a physician chosen by Nationwide. Mr. Lopez will need to contact the physician’s office. The physician is Dr. Lotta Payne, 432 Suture Way, Charlotte, NC 28211. Her number is (704) 334-8743. Mr. Lopez needs to call Dr. Payne’s office and ask to speak with a woman named April who works in the Insurance Appointments Department. She will be expecting his call. He needs to give April the following information: Mr. Lopez’s case number for purposes of the physical exam is Nationwide Matter Number 3421. April has previously talked about this matter with Nicole Feamster of Nationwide. Mr. Lopez needs to make an appointment for this physical as soon as possible, because Nationwide will not authorize the payment until they have received a report regarding the exam. The exam will be conducted at Nationwide’s expense. Mr. Lopez won’t be charged for it.
4. Nationwide also wants him to write a summary of his version of the accident. You want him to do this and bring it with him to your office when he comes in and signs the agreement. Again, he is not to send this to the insurance company. He is to provide it to you.
5. Make sure he understands that he is to have no direct contact with either Ms. Tang or anyone from the insurance company. If anyone attempts such contact, he is to call you immediately.