Choral Reading

please write a 3 page (double-spaced) essay reflecting on your experience with one of major performance assignments. First, utilize and integrate at least two concepts, ideas, or notions found in our course text (and/or in-class discussions/lectures) in order to analyze your experience with the assignment. Be specific and descriptive in your analysis—use concrete examples. Second, address (a) that which you feel worked and (b) that which you feel did not work in the performance. Third, describe what you would do differently with the assignment if you had the opportunity to do it again.

This is an Speech Arts for Children class under Communication major: Use of creative dramatics, improvisations, puppetry, choral speech, radio, television and group discussion for the purpose of developing fluency, responsiveness and imagination in children. Integration of speech arts activities with curricular subjects will be stressed. Opportunity to apply the theories in actual situations.

My major performance assignment: choral reading of a kid’s poetry performed by a group of 4 people, I will upload the poetry to you.
Purpose of Choral Reading
• To make children active participants in the poetry experience.
• Choral Reading can:
• help develop fluency in reading
• make for better comprehension of text being read
• help with pronouncing words clearly
• help children develop rhythm by example
• help children apply expressions
• build self-confidence

Arrangements of Choral Readings
• Echo Reading
• The leader reads each line, then the group repeats (echoes) the line just read.
• Leader and Chorus Reading
• The leader reads the main part of the poem, and the group reads the refrain or chorus in unison.
• In Unison
• The leader and the audience (class) read the entire poem together.
• Small Group Reading
• The class/group divides into two or more groups and each group reads one part(s) of the poem.