Choose form one of them listed in the paper requirements

the final paper, students will write a longer essay (2100-3000 words) which will require analysis of both course readings and some outside research (5-7 sources including course texts). There will be some choice of topics, which will be posted at least four weeks before the due date.

Here are the topics below to choose from

Choose one of the following topics and write a seven-page research paper with a clear thesis, well-structured argument, and persuasive supporting evidence.

1. Evaluate the respective leadership skills
2. In consultation with your instructor, choose a major Japanese author and assess the relative influence of Shinto, Buddhism, and/or Confucianism to this person’s life and thought.

3. Compare and contrast the Heian and Kamakura era legal systems and assess how the gender and social class distinctions changed in matters of marriage, inheritance, and conflict resolution.
File name should be “paper_yourlastname.doc” or “paper_yourlastname.rtf” Use double-spacing and include your name and paper title at the beginning of your essay.

Rubric for Essay 1, Essay 2, and Final Paper
5 Truly Outstanding 4 Exceeds Expectations 3 Meets expectations 2 Needs Work 1 Serious Problems Score
Argument – The paper makes a clear statement on a question of historical interpretation. Logic used to prove the validity of the argument is persuasive.
Sources – Strong engagement with the historical literature, especially primary source materials.
Mechanics – Excellent spelling, grammar, punctuation, and appropriate citations. The paper has a clear structure with title, a thesis statement, topic sentences for each paragraph, and smooth transitions that link one idea to the next, and a conclusion.
Style – Paper is a pleasure to read with a clear and vigorous writing style appropriate to a formal academic setting.