Assignment 5 asks that you analyze what you’ve done so far. So a rubric isn’t a lot of help. Include what you think! You need to tell me here.

a) what you would have done differently in retrospect (what were you thinking when you focused on those hippos?);

b) what you’d have done differently if you were really going to do the research (maybe picked a topic that would carry you through field?);

c) what you think might have been better (and don’t spend a lot of time in this area telling me the assignments are too close together. Pink hippos are a better subject!);

d) what you thought you’d learn in this class, but didn’t.

This class is tough, because many of you have taken a research class, just not a social work one, so you as a sub-group get kind of antsy at its basic-ness. Those who haven’t get antsy at its complexity. So switching your thinking to how social workers think is probably its main purpose.

Research Papers are in download