Assignment 1: The summative individual paper will be 3000 words in length not including references.
Student individual papers will demonstrate
1. a critical appreciation of the scope for the ethical leadership of business and management;
2. an understanding of how ethical leadership can be applied to business and management;
3. critical evaluation of the major ethical issues that arise in the management of organisations, including government;
4. critical analysis and the ability to propose solutions to a range of ethical problems in business and management.
Based on the films Arbitrage [2012] and Die Welle (The Wave) [2008] write a 3000 word essay that fulfils the above mentioned objectives by comparing and contrasting the ethical issues, the scope, the decision-making processes, and the outcomes portrayed in the stories. Take into particular consideration issues of ethical leadership and ethical followership. What are the major lessons for business leaders (and followers)?
You may consider the following questions for guidance (not necessarily in this order):
• What is the major ethical issue in the story? What other ethical issues are portrayed?
• What (if anything) was ethical/unethical about the way the main character handled the situation? And the supporting characters?
• What options for decision making were presented in the story?
• Which ethical and leadership viewpoints are represented?
• What other options might have been available to the characters?
• How do the leader’s or leaders’ behaviours and decisions impact
o The leader and his/her immediate circles
o The organization
o The community, society, the world?
• How does these stories compare to real world issues in business/management/government ethics? Use at least one real world example for analysis.
• What would be an acceptable solution for this and similar issues of ethics in business? Explain your reasoning.
• How did these stories affect you personally?