Argumentative essay

An argumentative essay presents an argument with either supporting or opposing views. The essay begins with background information on the topic and then the writer makes his position concerning the issue known to the reader. From then on the writer will be seeking to convince the reader that his point of view is the best and by so doing appeal to them to accept his point of view.

Any writer of an argumentative essay is normally out to prove that what he believes in concerning a given idea is more credible than the opposing views. Whether he is able to achieve this or not will depend on the evidence that he will present in support of his stand on the topic. The rules of academic writing do not allow the writer to rubbish the opposing views in any way. All he has to do is prove his own opinion to the readers and leave it to them to decide whether they believe what he says or not. It is never a competition but a battle of wits.

An argumentative essay follows the same format as any other essay. The introduction gives insights into what is to be discussed and then towards the end of it, the writer states what his take is. The main argument is brought out in the body of the essay while the conclusion sums up the main points and then gives the author’s final verdict.

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