An essay, or other negotiated

An essay, or other negotiated
Study Books Used in Class:
Description: Assessment 3: Essay or negotiated equivalent
Objectives: a, c, e
Value: 50%
Length: 2500 word equivalent
Due Date: Week 12
Task: An essay, or other negotiated medium, that provides options for students to assess by way of literature review or analysis of a campaign, theories of narrative construction and their implementation in a specific social movement or social movement campaign.

Assessment criteria:
• clear and informative introduction; contextualises the issue; outlines structure of the essay
• the description and discussion of the selected campaign is informative and accurate and highlights key arguments being made
• the connections between theories of narrative and the expression of storytelling in the identified campaign are clearly presented and draw on relevant scholarly sources
• there is a logical and effective conclusion drawn from the analysis.
• the essay, or other format, is presented professionally, (assignment cover-page, title, and page numbering, or if in another medium achieves technical proficiency), and is submitted on time.
• the essay, or other agreed format, is edited and proofread to achieve grammatical and spelling accuracy, and clear expression of ideas.
• referencing is accurate, complete, and follows the Harvard (UTS) convention in both in-text referencing and the reference list.

Assignments will be awarded grades according to criteria below:
HD High Distinction: work of superior quality on all facets of the assignment. This grade will also be given to recognise particular originality or creativity in your assignment.
D Distinction: work of very good quality on all facets of the assignment, demonstrating a sound grasp of content together with efficient organisation and selectivity.
C Credit: work of good quality showing clear understanding and indications of additional effort in all facets of the assignment.
P Pass: work showing basic requirements on most facets of the assignment.
R Resubmit: this grade will only be awarded under extenuating circumstances. A resubmission will not be recommended for inadequate or unscholarly work.
Z Fail
UTS Coursework Assessment Policy and Procedures Manual that may be downloaded at: