smorgasbord ghuroor

To allow students to explore an additional topic or two of interest to them, we will ask you to listen to one or more of the smorgasbord talks. Each lecture has a lecture time associated with it. You will be asked to listen to the lectures of YOUR choice within that menu and accumulate at least 120 minutes of lecture. [Please show the “math”, i.e., give the official time for each presentation viewed.] We will then have you write a brief review of what you have watched: For each 20 minutes, write a point along the lines of what were the most IMPORTANT points of the talk? What question does the talk raise? What would improve the presentation? Are there other topics that this talk suggested that you might like to hear? A total of at least 6 points should be covered for the exercise. (A talk of 75 minutes can have 3 or 4 points – they do NOT need to be from the 1st 10 minutes, the 2nd 10 minutes etc. – just 3 or 4 appropriate points.) If the other talk is 55 minutes, you need 2 or 3 points to make your 6! PLEASE CLEARLY NUMBER YOUR SIX (6) POINTS. The actual discussion board postings can be very similar to those you use for the on-line lectures and in-class lecture discussion postings. Note: The Passover lectures for Cornell students are included in the regular course requirements and, therefore, cannot be used for the Smorgasbord requirement.