2 Papers in 1

The paper will serve as 2 essays in 1. I will provide specific instructions on what needs to be done for each paper. The first two pages will serve as its own essay, and the last page will serve as its own essay(please start 2nd essay on new page). It is important to remember that these are each completely different essay and neither should relate to the other one or mention any information from the other one. Please have .5 inch margins on both sides of the words.

In the first two pages of this paper you will answer the following question: “What gives life meaning? Particularly, your life. Do you anticipate the those things that give life meaning changing over the next decade? How? Why?”

The idea of this paper should be centered around the idea that family and family happiness gives life meaning

You should also include how coming from a large family has (positively) reflected why family gives life meaning.

You should also include that being a able to provide for a family is very important in the long term

This paper requires NO sources just thought

You must begin on a new page!

You must listen to the whole podcast and write a one page (3 paragraph) response to it

The ONLY source that should be used for this page is the podcast in the link I have provided