1. An individual business presentation in the form of a WRITTEN REPORT on the subject of venture capitalists

Assignment Question 1
(Learning outcomes to be achieved 1,2,4,5 AND 7 below)


‘Should you decide to approach venture capitalists, and by some miracle should they agree to back you, then I urge you to seek the finest legal advice that your money can buy for the ensuing negotiations. Just one sentence, even a phrase, within the initial contract can make all the difference in the world to the outcome a few years down the road.’ Felix Dennis (2007), ‘How to get rich – The distilled wisdom of one of Britain’s wealthiest self made entrepreneurs’, Ebury Press, page 83.

Critically examine and discuss the above statement in relation to the use of venture capitalists as a source of business finance in the start up phase of a new entrepreneurial venture. Use a specific start up venture of your choice as a vehicle for the critical examination and discussion.

Guidelines /Assessment criteria for Assignment One


• Critically discuss the need for venture and working capital for start up enterprises.
• Consider the different forms of business finance available to the start up entrepreneur.
• Critically evaluate and discuss the advantages and disadvantages of using venture capitalist organisations as a source of funds.
• Critically examine the salient issues of entering into negotiations with venture capitalists.
• Critically examine and discuss the specific statement given in the question.
• Use a start up idea of your choice as a vehicle for discussion.
• Write in report format.

Your work must be presented in a report format style. As an academic piece of work you are expected to link theory and practice. You should take care to ensure that the work you submit has a high standard of presentation. You must acknowledge the sources of information and evidence using the Harvard referencing system. All assignments are subject to the University’s regulations on plagiarism and must be submitted in electronic form for checking.


Please ensure that your assignment has
• A table of contents
• A list of figures and/ or list of tables where appropriate
• Introduction – ( 10 marks)
• Literature Review- and Critical Analysis (70 marks)
• Conclusions – ( 10 marks)
• References / Presentation – 10 marks
• Bibliography
• Appendices if appropriate
• TOTAL = 2,000 WORDS – 100 marks

Module Learning Outcomes to be Assessed:-
Upon successful completion of the module the students will be able to:
(1) Identify and determine the driving forces in a new venture.
(2) Analyse how successful entrepreneurs and investors create, find, and differentiate profitable and durable opportunities; in particular, how they tell these opportunities apart from just “other good ideas”.
(3) Evaluate and determine how successful entrepreneurs and investors create and build value for themselves and others.
(4) Identify and determine the necessary financial and non-financial resources available for new ventures; the criteria used to screen and evaluate proposals, their attractiveness and risk, and know how to obtain start up and early growth capital.
(5) Determine the critical tasks to be accomplished, the hurdles to be overcome during start-up and early growth, and what has to happen to ensure success.
(6) Apply the opportunity screening criteria to actual start-up ideas, and subsequently develop a business plan suitable for presentation to investors and industry participants.
(7) Develop and analyse integrated financial projections for a start-up venture.