Unemployment and Economic Growth

Topic: Unemployment and Economic Growth
This Order is to 1- Do the Methodology, Discussion and results parts. (2 chapters ).
2- To Link Previous Chapters ( Introduction & Literature Review Chapters )with these Objectives or to transfer the discussion i already made to assist these Objectives.
The discussion i already made nearly can assist these objectives but it can be added to the discussion. Only need to focus them on the advantage of these objectives. Please be thorough, analytical and Link the discussions together. Use ARROWS to link the school of thoughts together. Because Unemployment and Economic growth have the same schools of thoughts that created the theories in the field so USE ARROWS TO LINK THEM TOGETHER. Find the link between them and compare them in the discussions.
Please make the discussion flow and linked together. Use another paragraph just in case of new ideas.
The Dissertation Objectives:
– To Examine the Relationship between economic growth and unemployment.
– Measuring the impact of Market Forces on economic growth.
Discuss this at the macro-economic level based on literatures is fine, once you start to measure it, you need to think through what variables at some microscopes can explain the phenomena. Based on
( Classical, Neo classical School of thought). These schools support market forces. you will read them in the file i uploaded.
– Measuring the impact of government intervention on economic growth. Based on
(Kenysiansim, Modern School of thought ).
same as the above, to discuss it at macro-economic level based on literatures is fine, once you start to measure it, you need to think through what variables at some microscopes can explain the phenomena.
AN EXAMPLE OF THE VARIABLES that need to micro scope them in the measurements are:
Such as Factors of production based on the labour inputs and outputs, wages, demand and supply, Increase in factors of production and efficiency in the use of factors of production, different schools discussed each of them. as well as Between the Increase in capital and efficiency in the use of capital
– Examining and measure the market forces and government intervention on curing the unemployment. (Based on the schools of thoughts discussed in the Literature Review )we discuss this. Here i am trying to find which is better to cure unemployment. Is it Keynisian school of thought that support Government intervention or classical and neo classical school of thought which support market forces to correct unemployment. Will each of them have limited options without the other. Here analysis with the aid of trends analysis, diagrams and case studies which are related if you find a case study that come with diagram or trends include i want to analyse them and make sure to prove a good evidence that one school has better options to cure unemployment (NO DESCRIPTIVE content here at all please analysis and thorough are crucial Not descreptive).
Research Designs and data analysis:
– Comparative Case studies, e.i. within a country Based on the theories on the field in order to test them.
– Add the use of trends diagrams analysis and to test the reasoning behind the unemployment rates shifts. Is it governmental or market forces reasons.
Recommendation, Further research and conclusion at the end but do not be excessive in writing on those parts
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