Economic Growth

Economic Growth in Canada Between 1990-2000.
Study Books Used in Class:
“Macroeconomics” 7th Edition. Written by Andrew B. Abel, Ben S. Bernanke, and Dean Croushore. Pearson publishers. ISBN 13: 978-0-13-611452-9.
Description: Write a research paper regarding the “Economic Growth in Canada between 1990-2000”. For this research paper, first, collect some macroeconomic data (in this case Canada’s GDP), then use the data to evaluate an economic theory (or theories) discussed in the textbook. Is the data consistent with the theory? If not, why not? For data collection, you can use quarterly or annual data from central banks, IMF, OECD, CIA Factbook, etc.
1) Introduction (What are you looking at in the paper?)
2) Overview of the country (A few basic facts and overall economic conditions of Canada)
3) Present the data either charts or figures, not just tables of numbers.
4) Discuss sources of data and how any data such as GDP were calculated.
5) Discuss the economic theory (or theories) you are looking at in the paper. Explain what should have happened to the variables according to the theory (or theories) and discuss what actually happened.
6) Conclusion.
NOTE: This research paper must be plagiarism free, correctly spelled and punctuated, free of any grammatical errors, double spaced, 11 pages long, MLA citation style with “Works cited” included, and minimum of 5 sources use.