Economic Developments

Topic: The impact of transport in economic developments of the transition country analysed using SPSS 19 or 21
Number of pages: 30 pages
Topic category: Statistics
Academic level: Ph.D.
Paper instructions:
Check analysis (SPSS version 19 or 21) prepared, there are two methods, and the first method is based on the variables that are included in this equation which are based on the aforementioned factors, with respect to the statistical data that are made available by the governments. The variables impact the transport infrastructure of the Balkan Countries in such a way that it includes the civil and industrial economies for the countries.

The statistical data are true and correct as of the March 2016, and some adjustments have been made such as the assumptions of the possible values that are not present which is required for the study. These assumptions and projections are based on the general theoretical knowledge that is currently available about the countries concerned. The data that have been analysed and simulated are properly tabled and graphed in the following pages.

The data from March 2013 until 2030 is predicted and I already prepared with TREND Excel.

The second method is with variables, regression, Correlations and ECON.


1. To cheek the analyses (SPSS v19 or 21) two methods, to check interpretations for the results of analyses

2. To compare the two methods provided,

3. To propose and justify which method is best as reality.

4. To write minimum 5 pages conclusions and

5. To reason what is contributed of this analyses for country in transitions, Kosovo, Serbia, Montenegro, Albania, Croatia and Bulgaria Macedonia.