Does Speculation of Futures of Food Commodities Affect its Underlying Spot Price?

Topic: Does Speculation of Futures affect Food Prices?

So – tested to see if volatility of future prices affected the spot price.

Now – I would like the Granger Causality Tests

Results and Discussion – for 3 commodities (wheat, sugar and corn)

Data found in Excel uploaded.

Uploaded – GARCH Results and Discussion.
The Methodology for GARCH.

Could I please ask for:
2 and a half pages – Results and Discussion, and 1 and a half page – Methodology with Granger Causality Test, to add onto existing (GARCH). Please have a look at the existing methodology.

Its important I have the Methodology for the Granger Tests to add to current Methodology, along with the results and discussion to add to the “Results and Discussion” section