Investigate one pope and one artist mentioned in the learning activities for this module. It is then up to you to turn any fun information you find on said pope and said artist in to a Jeopardy! question. For instance, let’s say you really want to learn more about Raphael, so you go to the Internet (make sure it is a reputable source) and read about his life. You then find out that he was quite the ‘player’ and all kinds of other fun information. Use the “Click to Launch” link above to go to the “Discussion Board” and put Raphael into the title thread line and post this: “This artist had so many girlfriends that he ended up dying of a venereal disease when he was quite young.” Answer: “Who is Raphael?” and then cite your source (don’t forget to cite your source). You are writing two questions, one about a pope and one about an artist. Then you are to read at least two other posts from other people and respond to them. Ho hum information will not get you a good grade – we are looking for obscure details and fun facts. If you post “This is the real last name of Michelangelo”, answer “What is Buonarrati?”, we will not be impressed. However, if you find information about a pope’s mistress or his illegitimate children, you will win our undying admiration. A well written post, that will receive the highest grade, will also include information that pertains to your answer—a paragraph or two explaining your question and answer.