Air products and chemicals in

You are required to write a report based on theAir Products and Chemicals Inc(Air Products)case study.
Reference:Air Products and Chemicals Inc 2006, Business Process Management II: Air Products Case Study, pp. 69-89, Business Source Complete, Ipswich, MA, EBSCOhost.

For this report, you are to critically evaluate and write about Air Productsbusiness processes, which are driven by well-formulated strategies that drive business value. In doing so, you will emphasise on its process management and technology by specificallyfocussing on processes, people, leadership, strategy, information technology, business value, and measurementas depicted in the case study and other relevant sources.

For the main body of the report, you are advised to incorporate the four part structure outlined below:

Part 1: Organisational Strategy
Some points to consider are:
 Organisational background and vision
 Strategy
 Problems faced (need for change)
 Process improvement road map

Part 2: Process Management
Some points to consider are:
 Process blueprint
 Improvement process
 Benefits from global processes
 Enablers of successful process changes

Part 3: Role of Tec