Personal Standards

A Comparative Study between Kuwait University Students and University of Kentucky Students on Personal Standards for Choosing a Spouse
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Description: This paper is related to previous paper order #176718. this part is about project Variables and Sample.
identify each of the variables you plan to include in your study. in your discussion of these variables you should (to the extent that you are able at this time:
a- provide a conceptual definition
b-identify whether(if appropriate) it is a dependent, independent or control variable.
c-provide any variable instrument that may be used to measure the variable.
you should provide as much detail as you are able. bring in information/ support from the literature, theory,etc. This will expand as the proposal evolves.

to the best of your ability you need to describe the source of your data.
a-what is your unit of analysis.
b-provide a description of sample
c-how will you access the sample?
d-will you use probability or non-probability sampling techniques.
e-what is your anticipated approximate sample size?
f-what are the potential limitations of using this sample in terms of representativeness and generalizability?
** some brief answers for this part are: my sample will be mixed between Kuwait university students and University of Kentucky. approx 100 from each. I’ll do random sampling method. both genders for each university.some limitations would be people not answering questions, students will be reflecting on personal opinions not taking into account their parent’s or family consideration..