Policing ( criminology)

MAKE A POSTER ON WORD OR MICROSOFT PUBLISHER ONLY. MAINLY TEXT AND ONE OR TWO PICTURES AND GRAPHS Imagine that if printed out, your poster would be displayed as A2 size. This DOES NOT mean that your actual e-poster template needs to be A2!! It’s just for ‘imaginative’ purposes.
All sources of info on your poster need referencing according to the Harvard system. It may be simpler to reference pictures on the poster itself by putting:
Source: ….
under the specific picture in question. All images, data, text, quotes – everything needs to be referenced. DO NOT include a bibliography (this is not the same as a reference list).
There is no min/max in terms of number of sources to be used – but variety = greater accuracy. The poster needs a variety of information types – text, images, data – thus you need to consult a range of sources to collate this. Be sure you utilise academic sources too.All posters will be checked with anti-plagiarism software.
Police culture
police leadership
police complaints process
policing domestic abuse
policing drugs
neighbourhood policing
Choose 1 theme to focus on for your poster. Remember – each theme is quite broad so you can focus in on a specific angle of your choice.

Once you have chosen a theme, you need to decide which audience your poster will be aimed at – the simplest way of thinking about this is imagining that your poster will be displayed in either:
a) A police station (so the audience will be police officers) OR
b) In a community centre (so the target audience is the community in general or a specific part of the community; OR
c) In the office of a PCC (so the target audience is the PCC themself).

Deciding who your target audience is, is crucial as it determines what your message should be, how that message should be conveyed and what info should be presented (and in what way).

Remember – your poster may seek to
raise awareness on a specific theme (eg – raise awareness in the local community about how to make a complaint against the police)
highlight a specific issue (eg – highlight to the PCC the successes made by the police and partners in tackling drugs);
reinforce a belief/practice (e.g. – reinforcing to the police the importance of thorough investigations re domestic abuse incidents) .

use a graphs annotate it, some text make some text thats more important stand out more than others ie make it bold , use pictures that are relevant and maybe annotate the picture. make it so it has a visual impact . all of the refencing should be in italics

For the referencing

I also forgot to add that what the poster is being assessed on is the ability to identify and analyse a range of data on a specific theme, ability to tell a rational ,coherent and factual story , the ability to distinguish the significance and I pact of this issue, ability to organise and present information in a appropriate manner to the chosen audience and ability to reflect where appropriate on how policing has been informed by past events, previous policies and how this has impacted on contemporary police .