Presidential Greatness: Bill Clinton

Each answer only has to be about 6-10 sentences. The questions refer to Bill Clinton’s presidency.
1) Did he bring about changes?
2) Did he initiate?
3) Did he act wisely and guide the nation through tough times?
4) Is he perceived by the public to be a man of the people, yet something bigger than themselves?
5) Did he stretch the Constitution and strengthen the presidency to bring about change?
6) Did he regularly challenge Congress?
7) Did he balance the many roles of the president?
8) Did he surround himself with talented advisers and administrators?
9) Was he in the right place at the right time?
10) Did he possess character and integrity?
11) Did he demonstrate flexibility in policy decisions?
12) Was he perceived to be intelligent? Was he “booksmart”? Did he handle complicated situations well?
13) Did he enjoy respect at home?
14) Did he enjoy respect abroad?






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