Coursework in Reaserch Methods (Psychology)

Outline – Coursework in Reaserch Methods (Psychology)
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I have an assignment for “Research Methods”, as indicated below. I have already
chosen two possible articles to write on a study (Only one of the two has to be
Assignment 4: Critique of Media Report
Assignment 4 Objectives
Assignment 4 is designed to help you achieve the following objectives.
1. Assess the impact and relevance of research in psychology on people’s
everyday lives.
2. Evaluate critically information about research studies published in the
media and offer constructive alternatives.
As you go about your everyday life, keep your eyes open for media reports of
studies that have psychological content. For Assignment 4, you will select one
media report in a newspaper, a popular magazine, or on the Internet that
describes a psychological study. The report must contain information about the
purpose of the study, the method used, the results, and any conclusions
Read the report carefully, asking yourself the following questions:
1. What is the research problem?
2. How was the study conducted?
3. What were the results?
4. What conclusions does the report imply?
5. Are the conclusions warranted by the research described?
You may find that you cannot answer one or more of the questions listed above.
Do not be overly concerned about this. The most central questions to be
answered are:
6. What questions would you like to have answered before you accept the
conclusions implied in the media report?
7. Were there any distortions in reporting? If so, what were they?
If the original source of research is indicated in the media report, you may
wish to locate the original report or journal article and use it to help you
assess the accuracy of the media report. You are not, however, expected to do
so. Most media reports fail to cite the source in enough detail to allow one to
locate the original report.
For a sample of media reports that are appropriate for this assignment, click
Directions for Writing the Essay
Your finished essay is to be 500 to 800 words long, and is to be divided into 3
sections as indicated below.
Section 1: Describe briefly the research problem, the method used, the results,
and the conclusions reported.
Section 2: Describe any essential information that is missing. Discuss how
different outcomes of the missing information may affect the validity of
conclusions claimed.
Section 3: Draw your conclusions about the usefulness of this media report in
disseminating information.