Catering Event

Catering Event
This project consists of developing catering menu for an event.
Information to be addressed should include:
1. Menu: Listed on the Banquet Event Order (BEO) with amounts and prices, totaled with special needs listed.
2. Food requisition: with amounts needed.
3. Recipes: with portions, quantified, cost of goods (30%) with stated selling price.
4. Equipment requisition
� For production of food
� Transportation of food
� Service of food
� Set up and breakdown
6. Floor plan and layout with flow
7. Timelines from production to service to clean-up
8. Platters, trays and centerpiece sketches
9. Action station layout and ingredients listed with amounts
� Banquet event order (BEO)
� Standard recipe form, with cost/sell space
� Equipment requisition
� Foods requisition
� Staff schedule
� Platter of rectangle, oval and round
� Timelines