The Intercultural Project


– The cultural group for this research is “GUINEA” IN AFRICA.

The Intercultural Project (40 points for the written portion, 20 points for the Presentation, so the total points are 60): Your final project will be a presentation based on the field study of a cultural group. The purpose of the assignment is to give you direct experience with an intercultural situation. You should be able to demonstrate your understanding of the factors that influence intercultural communication as they apply to this study. Topics may be broad— a specific ethnic/racial group, or narrow—gender or age within a specific group. Students may locate people from different cultures on campus, in their neighborhood or at work. This assignment demonstrates the students’ ability a) to research and write; b) to participate in ethnographic fieldwork; c) to demonstrate ethical behavior as they observe and interview people different cultures; d) to evaluate cultural Myths and stereotypes, and assess their findings using key terminology and concepts learned in class; e) to present an organized and interesting written and oral report of their findings.

2) The research will show the understanding of the issues that shape the identity of the culture, such as national history, political climate, religion, economic situation, education, oppression, war, and migration, to name a few.