Essay assignment

Write an essay in which you discuss how miscommunication might impede our relationships both romantic and professional. As your support, consider specific communication problems or misunderstandings you have had with someone of the opposite sex. Also, provide examples of doublespeak you have encountered at work or school. Hint: you could consider making an excuse, trying to impress a boss, or using any other type of deliberately unclear language to achieve your goal. You could also give examples from the realm of politics, military forces, or media advertisement. Incorporate one or two quotations and paraphrases from both Lutz and Tannen.

To start, follow the following steps:
Use a pre-writing strategy of your choice: free write, brainstorm, cluster, etc. (handwrite or type)
Next, type a formal outline
Finally, type your first draft (bring two copies to the peer editing session).

Arrange the material in the following order:
First page: outline
Second: first draft
Third: Works Cited
Fourth: Pre-write
Fifth: Prompt