Communication Digital Paper

For a 24 hour period, record the amount of digital media technologies that you use. Keep a log of your cell phone usage, text messaging, television viewing, online activity, etc. These can be rough measures, such as “12:00 PM spent 20 minutes on Facebook. 1:00 PM sent 10 text messages to my friend Janet” etc. I would carry a piece of paper around with me and make a note every time I used one of these technologies. I know that recording every single text message or facebook post would take all day; a rough estimate should suffice.
In the paper, I would like you to reflect on this digital activity. In the first part of the paper, describe all of the various media that you used and for what purposes (in a narrative, not a bullet point list please). In the second part, critique that usage, perhaps through the following questions: What do you think your life would be like without these digital media? How would your social life change? How would you follow events in the world without digital media? In what ways might your life be improved if you gave up digital media, do you think? The key here is to think critically about something you probably take for granted.
Use at least three course concepts in your analysis.
The paper should be at least three full pages long, typed and double spaced with standard one inch margins and no larger than 12 point font. Include a separate cover page (do not use a header with your name, etc. at the top of the paper to eat up space). References to material from the textbook should be parenthetically cited in your paper with the page number. Papers with significant typographical or grammatical errors will receive poor grades. Only by editing your paper will you able to meet this requirement.
You will be graded on the cogency of your reflexive analysis, the organizational structure of your paper, your prose and grammar, and your ability to conform to the requirements of the assignment in terms of paper length and utilization of concepts.