Writing Assignment: Journal 2

As with all of your journals, you will post this writing to the respective forum within the “Discussions,” which may be accessed by clicking the

link above or via the respective navigation button to the left.

Having read the model narratives within St. Martin’s second chapter, you might have been reminded of your own related stories. This freewrite is

your chance to try another one. Freewrite a story of your memorable experience, perhaps one inspired by the readings in our textbook, perhaps

the tale of something that “haunts” you. Tell a story that you would like to share with the class. In any case, bring at least one key scene to

life. As you tell your story, look to bring the action, people and place to life with descriptive language and dialogue.

As always, I’m looking at the amount of writing here, not for grammatical missteps. Write at least 500 words, about two pages.

Once you’re finished, read over your freewrite and underline or highlight in some way your most descriptive sentence–the line that best helps

the reader to see or hear or feel what happened.