Writing an Essay for College, how it differs from Writing in High School

One of the things as a student you will find out about your new dream college is that essay writing is different. Undoubtedly many of the things your high school teacher taught about in essay writing will be very helpful to you as you approach your essay writing in college. In essay writing for college, the tutors will want you to:
• Write clearly
• Have an appealing and arguable thesis, and
• Build paragraphs that are logical and focused.
If you still rely in the high school writing approaches, they won’t serve you well in college. The famous old high school formula of the five paragraphs theme and the use of elevated language to meet a ten-page requirement, aren’t stylish enough to offer a sound structure for an essay college paper. Instead they will fail you.
Then how do you make a triumphant shift from high school to college?
First, you simply need to comprehend that essay writing for college is much concentrated mostly on a specific kind called ‘academic writing’. Albeit this specific kind can be described in more than one ways, there are three notions about it that you also need to comprehend before you embark to make an errand of writing an academic paper.

1. Academic writing is about rewriting what scholars have written for other scholars.
Once you are in collage you join a community of great world thinkers called scholars and as a college going student you will be required to also be involved in activities that scholars have been involved in for ages, like reading about, thinking about, arguing about, writing about great ideas in a certain manner. The education you will acquire in college is meant to help you understand the expectations, conventions and requirements of being a great scholar.
2. Academic writing is dedicated to topic and questions that are of a specific interest to the academic fraternity
Once you start writing an academic paper, you must have already selected a topic or essay question that is relevant and correct by paying attention in class on what the tutor is talking about. He will surely give you a background into which you can position your questions and observations. Also, bear in mind that your academic paper must be of interest to other scholars and students, this imply that it should be based on more than your personal response. It is mandated that you must write content that your audience will find helpful. That is, you should write on something that your audience will better understand on the topic, or view it a new way.
3. Academic writing ought to present the audience with an informed argument
To build an informed argument, you should sort out on ‘what you know about’ your subject from ‘what you think about’ that particular subject. In other words, you should consider ‘what is known about’ your subject and then establish ‘what you think about’ it. In case your academic paper fails to inform, and fails to argue as well, then it will automatically fail to meet the expectation of the other scholar who is your academic reader.