Wireless Internet Network Setup at University

IT Capstone Topic Approval Form
The purpose of this document is to help you clearly explain your capstone topic, project scope, and timeline, and to assure that they align with your degree emphasis. Without clearly naming each of these areas, you will not have a complete and realistic overview of your project, and it cannot be accurately assessed whether your project will be doable for the purposes of these courses. Of course, if this a project that you have already completed at work or elsewhere, this should be easy to fill in! Most students do use a project they have already completed in the past year or two. In that case you will write the proposal as if it has not been done yet, and the report is the complete after-implementation report. If you have not yet done your project, this document can help us make sure the scope is doable.

DEGREE EMPHASIS: Information Technology – Security
Project Topic – Public Wireless Internet
Problem Statement or Project Purpose – As part of a University’s effort to modernize, they have hired us to create a public and implement a public internet solution across the campus. We will need to create a 24/7 usable public wireless internet solution for an entire campus, for authorized users.
Project Scope
a. Goals and Objectives –

1) Identify project needs
a. Clearly identify what stakeholder network needs are
b. Identify bandwidth requirements
2) Set objectives and goals
a. Clearly develop performance standards
b. Identify bandwidth per host allotments
c. Construct the model timeline to follow
3) Develop plans for project
a. Create component list requirements
b. Create model layouts
4) Project Agreements and Expectations
a. Set and fulfill end-user agreements
b. Develop team and operational model for effectiveness and efficiency
5) Identify constraints
a. Figure out what possible limitations may occur along the way
b. Find problems that could critically delay project outcome
6) Identify necessary changes
a. Take on perspectives of stakeholders to minimize possible future disagreements
b. Polish up project scope so later changes are kept to absolute minimum

b. Project Outcomes and Deliverables – When we have finished constructing and configuring the network for the university, we will maintain the network for them as well, ensuring 95% up-time.

Describe how you will approach the execution of your project –
1) Indentify all needs for stakeholders
2) Give estimates of deliverables to stakeholders
3) Deliver, setup, and configure equipment and create network
4) Create standards of network performance
5) Maintain network tests and develop continous monitoring
6) Complete project and perform configurations, updates, and maintain uptime.