Why we should stop eating fast foods


A proposal argument is one that pinpoints a particular problem and poses a solution to it. All proposals will call for action, focus on the future, and

center on audience. The ultimate objective is to get something done. To achieve this, the solution should be attainable and well-conceived; furthermore,

proposals should provide enough evidence to convince readers that the solution will actually produce the effects it sets out to achieve. A proposal

should always seek to put forth the best possible solution to a problem.

For this paper, you should pick some contemporary issue that interests you (for example, gay marriage), consider your own position on this issue (gay

marriage is a good thing), pinpoint a major problem associated with the issue (should gay marriage be legalized?), and finally pose a viable solution to

this problem (Yes, because…etc).

In this paper, you should try extremely hard to emphasize your ethos. Why should we trust you and, by extension, the solution you propose? In addition,

you should certainly strive to provide logical, well-researched EVIDENCE that will support your claim (logos). You must first acquaint us with the

issue/problem and then explain why your solution is the best possible response to this problem. The majority of your paper should focus on the SOLUTION

you are proposing and your proof that this solution will work.



 5 to 6 pages in length
 At least 5 credible sources
 An arguable and clearly-defined thesis
 MLA documentation with a “works cited” page
 Direct quotations from your sources along with your own explanation of these quotations
 Adherence to grammatical conventions
 Clear, Concise, and Convincing writing overall