Why Cigarette Smoking Is Banned

Some businesses now say that no one can smoke cigarettes in any of their offices and some governments have banned smoking in all public places. Are these decisions based on valid reasons?

Within the assignment your body paragraphs must demonstrate a constructed argument relevant to the introduction thesis statement, show your knowledge of the topic area as it is discussed in the literature (academic journals). You are required to use the one (1) compulsory article provided on the QIBT Portal and also, do your own research and use at least three (3) other academic sources to support your argument and show your understanding of the topic. Therefore you are required to use four (4) academic journal articles (using Proquest only NO websites will be accepted). All literature used must be accurately cited and referenced using the APA 6th Edition referencing style as outlined in the style guide provided in the back of your COM200 Workbook.

write three (3) academic body paragraphs on the following topic:

You are required to write three (3) academic essay body paragraphs that relate to the essay introduction & conclusion given to you on the following page. Your paragraph assignment must show evidence of your understanding & ability to write in an academic style as required in the format criteria. You do not have to write out and submit the introduction and conclusion as part of your essay but you will lose marks if you fail to show how the body paragraphs you write connect to the introduction, thesis statement and conclusion.





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