What should be the purpose of intelligence?

“What should be the purpose of intelligence?”
Assessment 2 is designed to assess your understanding of the material contained within the remaining topics. Again, it seeks to assess your

ability to research your answer fully, drawing on material not presented in the study guide. You are expected to develop a coherent argument in

response to the question, and show your ability to critically evaluate what you have read. Your grammar, spelling and presentation will also be

Introduction/Argument (20%)
Aims/objectives of the work are mostly succinctly set out. Most key points of the paper are outlined in the introduction. Evidence of ability to

maintain a personal position in original terms in relation to the set question explored
Critical Analysis (30%)
Good clarity of reasoning expressed in the different sections:
• no inappropriateness of the material presented in each of the sections of these reports (i.e. student mixed background material where analysis

should appear, or draw conclusions in the introduction, and so on);
• clear logical structure for the position taken in the report;
• good use of analytic methodology and techniques used;
• good depth and breadth of the analysis contained within, though analysis could have been extended in some places;
• justified and sound conclusions drawn.
Research/Knowledge Content (30%)
Student demonstrated a very good understanding of the topic, by providing appropriate coverage of relevant academic knowledge. Student

reviewed the literature (i.e. understood and integrated 10 or more peer-reviewed published articles) to discuss the topic in its full complexity
Writing Style/Grammar (10%)

The student’s writing was generally clear, but unnecessary words were occasionally used. Few spelling, grammar, or punctuation errors were made.

Referencing (10%)
Citing of references in the text and in the reference list was done to high CSU standard. References cited were appropriate, but some key

references may be missing. Formatting was mostly consistent, and free of errors
potentially useful websites:

A major function of our intelligence agencies is to shape the narrative. They do it well, molding history like clay on a wheel.