What mannerisms/movement/actions/voice.

hi you should see a movie first and then you write a journal please make sure that you write a simple vocabulary Write a response to one or more of the following aspects of the film’s mise-en-scene: STAGING: How do the actors use “staging” to create their characters (Jim, Judy, Jim’s dad..)? What mannerisms/movement/actions/voice add up to..how would you describe the persons they generated? COSTUMES/MAKE-UP: What role did costumes and makeup play in establishing character personalities AND character development? What were some critical clothing moments? What meanings do those costume elements bring to the film? SETTING/DECOR: How does the decor and setting create meaning in the film? How are the suburban homes depicted? What meaning does the planetarium bring to the film? Why place important events there? What does the empty mansion bring to the film? LIGHTING: Is this film, overall, high or low key? What scenes were high or low? How did that lighting choice create meaning or mood for that moment? this is the link for the movie https://123movies.gs/film/rebel-without-a-cause-4988/watching.html