What is the difference between Op-Amp circuit and Comparator circuit?

The purpose of this lab is to learn to use MultiSIM to construct and simulate oscillator circuits. Two oscillator circuits will be constructed and the effect of feedback resistance will be investigated in order to produce oscillation. Students will be asked to extend the concepts presented in order to modify the given circuit to allow for a variable output frequency. 1. Watch the video Week 6 – Oscillator Circuit 2. Read the section 11.3 and construct the two oscillator circuits in Figure 11.3 from the textbook and simulate the circuits. 3. Use the Agilent oscilloscope to observe the oscillations and measure the frequency. 4. Analyze the oscillations of Op-Amp and Comparator circuit and compare the Op-Amp circuit with that of the Comparator circuit. 5. Capture the screenshots showing oscillating output waveforms for each of the circuits. 6. Answer the following questions: a. What is the difference between Op-Amp circuit and Comparator circuit? b. Discuss some of the issues with this Op-Amp oscillations and explain the voltage swing and cause of potential failure of this circuit. c. What makes the comparator circuit oscillate and more ideal for the applications? d. Describe the operation of the comparator oscillator circuit and explain the difference in inverting and non-inverting waveforms of the comparator e. What is the significance of using comparator circuit to achieve sinusoidal oscillations?