What are the major challenges for African American people in maintaining good mental health in the United States?

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Part II

you will be required to briefly analyze a short popular culture clip that features African American characters, drawing on the articles from this unit, you will analyze the major themes that surface in the clip and discuss the ways in which these specific themes support complicate the lived realities of African American people.


1.What are the major challenges for African American people in maintaining good mental health in the United States?

2.How do public representations shape the ways in which communities interact?

3. In what ways to racial stereotypes dominate the ways in which non-black communities view black citizens?

4.How do negative and stereotypical public representations of African American people impact their access to resources that promote mental wellness?



Part III

You will be required to briefly define each one AND explain its relevance to African American mental health.


Intersectional oppression

Dissonance stage


Colorblind racism

Immersion-emmersion stage

De facto segregation

Pre-encounter stage





you will answer each a essay question that will require you to enter a major debate within the field of African American and consider the intersections of historical experience and black psychological development


1.How does gender impact mental health and wellness for African American people?

2.How have generational practices of survival in African American communities helped and hindered mental wellness for its youth?

3.What role does “colorblind racism” play in the challenges African American people face as they attempt to bring their specific issues of mental health into the public sphere?

4. In what ways has the historical experience of prejudice and discrimination in the United States exacerbated levels of stress and physical illness among African American citizens?

5.What role does racial prejudice play in the development of African American children?

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