Western Political theory

Compare Antigone to MLK letter

. Compare two thinkers on a concept, an argument, or a theme. You may not compare thinkers that are not assigned for this class.

Responses papers are not mere summaries of the texts. Rather, they are meant to help you practice some of the skills you are developing in this

Citations and Evidence. In all the memos that you write, you must support assertions. When you attribute views to an author, indicate the evidence

for the attribution by noting relevant passages. A parenthetical page reference is often sufficient, such as (35), though use of quotations will

make your arguments even more precise.

Logistics. Each paper must be one page long, 1.5” spaced, with 12-point Times New Roman font, 1” margins. The only header I need is your name (not

the date, or my name, etc). Response papers are due at the end of class. Response papers must engage the thinker that is assigned for discussion

that day.