Downtown Restaurant, located in Atlanta, Georgia, is looking to establish a web presence. The restaurant is a new start-up restaurant that will be

opening in the next two months. After investigating all of the local web development companies in the Atlanta area, the owners Peggy Smith and Michael

Brown, have contracted you to develop this website.

The owners would like a website (4 page minimum/6 page maximum) to advertise their restaurant. You must select the type of markup, design, architecture,

and content that is appropriate for Downtown Restaurant. You will be expected to demonstrate what you have learned in PRG111, 249, and 250 in the site

that you design. The web site that you create should be useful, usable, well designed, cleanly marked up, contain significant content, and be targeted

to the specific audience.

Website Requirements
While the goal of this project to be creative and practice your web design/development skills, there are a few minimum requirements that the website has

to have:

At least four pages but no more than six pages
At least six images used throughout the website (remember to include proper alt tags and copyright free images)
Standard navigation scheme
Incorporate an external style sheet (internal or inline styles can be used as well)
One form
One page must integrate JavaScript. This can be accomplished through an image rollover, image slide show, or even have a alert box for form validation.

Complete the following steps:

Step #1: The tester (you) welcomes the users and introduces them to the website that they will be testing.

Step #2: You should develop 4 or more scenarios (e.g., find the phone number of the restaurant, price of a particular menu item, etc.). The tester

introduces the scenario and questions the users as they work through the task. The tester should ask the users to indicate when they are in doubt,

confused, or frustrated. Then as the tester is trying to find the answer, observe what they are doing. How did the users navigate the website to find

the answer? How long did it take the users to answer the question?

Step #3: Write a brief report (2-3 pages) on the finding based on the 4 or more scenarios you created. What needs to be changed on your website? What

doubts, confusions, or frustrations did the users experience? Do you plan on changing any part of the current website?