Web and Mobile Resources – Create a word descriptive abstract that includes who the audience of the resource is

There are lots of wonderful math-related activities on the web and as apps for mobile devices. You are to share your findings. You are expected to share at least one resource that connects with the topic of: Time or Measurement In the Concept field place the topic first (time or measurement) and the title of the mobile or online math tool. In the Definition area: Include a brief description for the source Include a link (URL) to a web resource or the app name of the resource (and whether it is Android, IOS (Apple) or both) create a 100-150 word descriptive abstract that includes a(n): Who is the audience of the resource?

Who is providing the resource (Publisher/organization). Summary of what is available through this resource, including recommended ages for the activities within. Identification of strengths and weaknesses, including navigation and accessibility; level of interactivity and site help and organization. This should be in the format of a glossary entry. Your glossary entry needs to be presented in a professional and clear manner. Think of what would make this entry most useful for other classmates looking for resources to use. The evaluation of your entries will consider clarity of your description, helpfulness to the user and content organization. Do not use any reference and use your own words when writing description and glossary information. Only use the actual web resource or app as reference. Also, MUST include