Vlookup Excell

Jaxson Motor Co. operates an automobile sales dealership. It is that time of year again where annual raises are assessed and the company must review their salary expense as a part of their annual budget. In this assignment, you will use Excel’s Vlookup feature to make this process easier. You are given two reports: (1) Employee Listing which shows the Employee Number, Employee Department, and Employee Name; and (2) YTD Salary Expense Report which shows the Employee Number, Employee Name and their respective salary for the prior year. Use the Excel spreadsheet included here which provides both your instructions and both reports: Week 3 Assignment 2.xls Click for more options


Once you have reviewed your reports, prepare to perform the Vlookup to combine the information you need onto one report. You will be adding a column to the YTD Salary Expense Report so you can list the Employee Department for each employee respectively on that report. Pay attention to any formatting required.
Perform a Vlookup using the reports provided.
Once the Vlookup in complete, sort the data by Department (A to Z) then by YTD Salary (Largest to Smallest).
In the appropriate area, answer the following questions once you have completed the previous steps:
Who are the highest paid employees in each department?
How does the Vlookup function make it easier to compile information between reports, such as the information we were looking for in this assignment?
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