Victims and the Police Victims and Prosecutors

Karmen, Andrew (2016) Crime Victims: An Introduction to Victimology 9th edition. (You need this edition). Wadsworth, Cengage Publishing

Chapters 6 and 7 in your textbook cover the topic of victims and their interactions with the criminal justice system (police, courts,

corrections). Select one aspect of the criminal justice system and write an essay that addresses the role of victims in that setting. In your

essay evaluate how victims are treated, what victims want, and what the criminal justice system can do to better serve them. Specific topics

might include:

Victims and the Police Victims and Prosecutors

Your paper must be at least 5-7 pages in length, word processed, with citations and references in the APA style format. This means you must

include in-text citations and a final reference page. At least two outside sources must be used. Do not simply tell me what is in the textbook.

Rather, develop a strong argument about victims in the role you are evaluating