valve and Actuator

had coop program i oil and gas company and my university required case study on problem we encounter I could not find problem in construction of gas wells and i had suggestion for writing about the PVC pressure control valve they told me they used to have pneumatic actuator and now they have electric driven motor.
my question is this a good case and do you have other suggestion in construction of gas wells for mechanical engineer subjects .
we mainly work with piping valves, interesting Cathod protection induced current although it is mainly electric.
I am really in a mess please waiting for your help.the pages are 3 to 5

hello Sir this is the first time for me to use the website and I would love to ask would you include in your writing the below requirement it is enough to finish it in 4 the case required by university: 18. Preparation of case studies: 18.1 Write about the origin of the problem and its frequency. 18.2 Describe the ways discussed to solve the problem. 18.3 Explain why such a solution was adopted to the problem and what could be alternative solutions? 18.4 Write a brief estimate of the cost of repairing versus the cost of replacement (in terms of cost + time).P(5.u)            

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