US Silica Holdings

US Silica Holdings was ranked #1 on Forbes list of America’s best small companies in 2014. Use the links below to view their 2014 annual report and financial statements. Like many companies, the full financial statements are not in their summary report published on their website, but rather located in what is called a 10K – which is a more technical report filed with the Securities and Exchange Commission. Thus you will need to review both the annual report and sections of the 10-K.

2014 Summary Annual Report. (2014). Retrieved from

2014 Form 10-K . (2014). Financial Statements and Supplementary Data. p. 67. Retrieved from

Hint: To find the financial statements, click on the 2014 Form 10-K link. This will take you to a table of contents. Scroll down to Financial Statements and Supplementary Data (Item 8) and click the link. There you will find links to the Balance Sheet, Income Statement (called the Consolidated Statement of Operations in this report), and Statement of Cash Flows. There are other statements, but these are the ones you will want to review.
Your analysis should address the following questions:
1.What does this information tell me about the company’s performance?
2.Has the company done well compared with other financial periods?
3.Has the company exceeded its own targets?
4.How does it compare with other companies in the same industry?
5.What are the future prospects of
a.The firm
b.The local (national) economy
c.The global economy
d.Customers and suppliers
e.Political reform
f.Social, environmental, and ethical considerations

Keys to the Assignment:
•Use evidence and data from the annual report and specified financial statements.
•Stress analysis – simply reporting the data is not sufficient. You must interpret what it means.
•Conduct research to assess global, economic, political, environmental, and ethical considerations impacting the company. This should include at least three library resources.
• You may also include Internet sites such as Bloomberg, Google Finance, or Yahoo! Finance. Be sure to site any ideas or analysis you retrieve from them in your report.