Upgrade existing network infrastructure from Single office to Multiple Location offices

"This project is about Arabian Glow Company and the connectivity between an existing office and the two new office branches. The company specializes in Civil Architecture Design since 2002 which has shown a rapid growth and progress in time. The head office is located in the country’s capital city, which is Muscat. As Arabian Glow Company continue to flourish, it has developed its own style in architecture design. It handles from small to medium projects and then to multiple big projects.
Now it is ready to expand internationally, the head office will be holding all servers, like AD server, Exchange Server, Database Server and the like. While each branch will only need a Data server which will be replicated from the main office. The first new office branch, will be located around 200KM away from Main office in the same county and the second will be located overseas.(United Arab Emirates – Dubai).

_ Rewrite the Project…
_ Network topology and diagram
_ ADSL vs leased line Vs MPLS
_ VPN (All about) & Configuration
_ Class B IP address Subnetting table
_ DMZ Security Zone (all about)
_ Steelhead Riverbed (all about) & configuration (http://riverbedtech.blogspot.com/2011/10/out-of-box-in-path-configuration.html)
_ Router Configuration


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