Unit 5 Discussion: Controlling Mass Storage

Your discussion activity is designed to reinforce the unit learning objectives: LO6: EO6.1-6.6. You should complete this discussion after you have reviewed the unit introduction, completed the reading assignment and reviewed the unit presentations.

Throughout this unit, you will learn about storage. This is important to an organization because it determines how fast data can be retrieved when needed and how efficient the drives in a computer work or how you can work with other users by sharing resources and files on collaborative projects.



Develop a response to the questions below, which will address the difference between locally installed application and those installed by group policy. . Plausible responses to the questions below will also be discussed in class.

Provided a summary of at least five methods and justifications in Windows 10 for integrating collaboration, between users at multiple sites within the same company as to where the files for those projects, are located (Local Storage (hard drives) vs Cloud Storage (OneDrive & Dropbox) vs Network Storage devices (NAS or SAN)? Ensure to include in your summaries the main points or ideas with each method and a statement evaluating the quality (or value added) of the method.

Response Format

Support your answers with at least one credible source. Please use the Online Library, and your textbook to conduct your research.
Use in-text citations and a reference list in your responses using APA format.
Your response should demonstrate critical thinking and provide justification for your responses.


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